Thursday, August 3, 2017

Summer's in Full Swing

Hi garden enthusiasts!

It's hard to believe that August has already arrived, though the heat wave and hazy skies (from forest fires in interior British Columbia) have hit us as only mid-summer can.

The garden is also letting us know that it's summer. We cut our teeth on the early season crops - radishes, arugula, peas - and now the 'hot season' crops are starting to do their thing.

As organizers, we are starting to feel like we've hit our stride. Every Sunday we have a small but enthusiastic group of volunteers who clean, weed, build and water the garden and then go home with an ever-growing assortment of vegetables. Here are some of the hauls we've gotten so far:

May 21 - I think this was our first harvest! Kale, arugula, and some green garlic (our garlic was planted very closely together and we wanted to thin it out a bit!)

June 4 - Radishes, lavender, sage, arugula, and some nemophilia (also known as 'baby blue eyes', a delicious flower in a salad!) 
June 25 - this is where our berries went wild! Raspberries, strawberries, as well as kale, lots more edible flowers (more nemophilia as well as nasturtiums), more sage and peas!
Our first tomatoes are just starting to turn red, and we're eyeing tiny summer squash, knowing that one day we will arrive in the garden to find squash the size of our head ready to be picked. We even have a few cucumbers showing up!