Monday, May 26, 2014

May 25 Rain is Good

Managed to get lots done in the garden this morning before the rains came ......

arrived to find two of our precious peppers gone - this was rather heartbreaking as they were started from seed and nurtured for three months!!
but on to happier times - harvested some wee potatoes and planted a nice selection of greens and flowers

garden beds are full and look wonderful - May is such an encouraging month ........

and the harvest:  potatoes, radishes, mint, Gai Lan and Yu Choi Sum

May 18 Busy Day in the Garden

The weather was perfect for a good day's work in the garden .....

preparing space for our new raised beds, beds come together, levelled and planted

transplanted a number of tomatoes -

our new Bed 3A holds Fish Lake Oxheart, Yasenichki Yabuchar, Margaret Curtain and Maglia Rosa;
Bed 6 is home to Maglia Rosa, Fish Lake Oxheart, Coastal Pride Orange and Whereokowhai;
with two more tucked in to Bed 4 - Brad's Rose Quartz and Rancho Solito

and a nice selection of cukes (Poona Kheera, Diva, Saber, Muncher) and Thai hot peppers (Orange Fogo and Red Demon)

harvested arugula (starting to bolt) and some yummy radishes