Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 13 Weeding Sowing Watering

Check out germination in Bed 3 (radish, peas and arugula).  The mini-greenhouse has provided a few degrees of extra warmth to kick-start our first crops of the season

Used our 2nd mini-greenhouse on Bed 5.  Planted one row each of Red Ace and Early Wonder Tall Top Beets, and one mixed row of Silverado and Eldorado Swiss Chard and Lacinato Kale.

Our strawberry transplants seem to like their new home

The garden is now weed free, trimmed and planted thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers - now we wait - hopefully the potatoes will be showing some green by next week

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April 6 More to Sow

Another great turnout at our garden today

Good news - our covered Bed 3 - planted March 23 - is now showing germination on Alderman Peas, Arugula and Radishes .......
and to make for a complete salad we planted Berlicummer Carrots, Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce and Sweet Baby Romaine in Bed 1
our new signs are looking good
also planted Super Gourmet Blend Lettuce and Samish Spinach in Bed 11, with two rows of mixed Sweet Peas at the back - we went for the most fragrant - April in Paris, Blue Celeste and Late Spencer Blend
Lots of general garden maintenance and the 2nd mini greenhouse is now complete
and the garlic continues to grow

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 30 At The Garden

Good to see so many faces at the garden today .........

Finally felt right to get our chitted potatoes in - used the trench method (plants will be covered as they grow to prevent greening of new potatoes).

We love potatoes - three full garden beds worth!!

Bed 7:  German Butter (Late Season) and Red Chieftain (Mid-Season)
Bed 8:  Yukon Gold (Early Season)
Bed 10:  French Fingerling (Mid-Season) and Russian Blue (Late Season)

Adding soil to Bed 2 in prep for planting two rows of Little Marvel Peas and two rows of Asian Greens - Yu Choi Sum and Gai Lan