Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cambie Garden - Sept. 23

One more week til the harvest moon and the bounty continues

A beautiful and tasty truss of Medovaya Kaplya tomatoes
Our white icicle radishes are up, and time to save arugula seed
the fall flowers are putting on a show

and we continue with our fall seeding - corn salad, lettuce and more spinach under the hoop house

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cambie Garden - Sept. 16

Unbelievable weather for mid September - temperatures have been reaching mid 20s with sunny skies - and the tomatoes are loving it - Green Zebra Cherry is finally starting to ripen and we even harvested fall raspberries - yum!!

Time to move the finished compost to garden bed 1 - lots of worm cocoons ......

After adding compost we broadcast spicy and mild mesclun mix, microgreens, Tah Tsai and Toy Choi in bed 1 - the sprinkler system is now operating, so hopefully we will get good germination and lots of fall cut and come again greens.  We also planted a row of Samish spinach in the hoop house, harvested a handful of late-planted purple climbing beans and one lovely Diva cucumber.
Medovya Kaplya - such a productive and tasty cherry tomato - time to save some seed!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cambie Garden - Sept. 9

Late summer and the weather of late has more than made up for the slow start this spring ...

Lots of tomatoes are now ripening - Sungold, Galina, Medovaya Kaplya, not Gurnsey Blush and Kimberley.  Arugula, Red Russia Kale, nasturtium flowers, basil, sprouting brocolli and Poona Keera cucumbers are also providing a colourful harvest ......

Green Zebra Cherry tomatoes are the last of the cherries to ripen and the first to show signs of powdery mildew ...... and the last of our dahlias - removed from garden due to powdery mildew

 the first of our Calabrese sprouting broccoli is looking good
We planted a new bed of fall veggies - three rows of radishes - including Watermelon radish and two rows of corn salad -

Fingers crossed these Brussels Sprouts will be ready for Thanksgiving dinner ........

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cambie Garden - August 26

Well, the last Sunday in August - hard to believe summer is on its way out ....... but we did get a good harvest of Galina and Kimberley cherry tomatoes at the garden, along with a nice bunch of yellow beans ........