Friday, February 24, 2012

John from West Creek Farms delivering soil.

We were thrilled to receive much needed soil for the garden this morning. A big shout out to Denise, Manuel, and Tracey for coming to help out - your support is very much appreciated!! Through quick work, we were even able to get done before the snow fell - whew! Thanks also to Catriona and Carole for organizing, and of course to SPEC for financial support. We look forward to working with this (mostly) blank canvas!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Green - February 19, 2012

So good to get back to the garden - and the rain let up long enough to do some planting - a new blueberry bush - Patriot - an early one with excellent taste, also did a block of Sugar Sprint and Sugar Lace II snap peas and two rows of purple pod snow peas .... and two rows of small seeded Lorane favas - a good start to the season - pea and bean seeds were treated with inoculant to help the plants grow better

A great harvest of parsnips (delicious roasted with a wee bit of salt and olive oil) - and have a look at the potato onions - came through the winter and thriving ........

Putting the Garden to Bed - November 16, 2011

Just to complete 2011 - a few final pics .... lots of leaves to feed earthworms and beneficial microbes and enrich the soil