Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sept 18 Fall Clean Up Begins

Look at the length of this spaghetti squash vine!! Mildew had taken over the leaves and no more fruit visible - so out it comes

Compost in our three bins has really worked down over the hot weather - this is the second full bin that has been emptied into our beds - lots of eggshells, fruit and veggie peelings mixed with dry leaves saved from last autumn and dry straw .... the best amendment for your garden

Cherry tomatoes are producing well now, although we did lose a good part of our crop to unidentified taste testers, and the red mustard keeps on growing and growing

Almost time to start saving leaves again ......

Sept 11 - Flowers Aplenty - Red Mustard Takes Over

What spectacular end of summer weather we have been enjoying -

bouquets of flowers from the garden

and the red mustard planted for winter harvest has taken over its bed ... this bed was amended with a whole composter worth of compost just prior to planting seeds; the brussels sprouts transplants are also growing well, although suffering somewhat from pest damage

Sept 4 - No Glut of Squash - Winter Garden Progressing

We managed to harvest another spaghetti squash - three in total out of the original 15 or more that disappeared

And look at our winter veggies - turnips are growing well

The beans continue to provide a bountiful harvest and the sunflowers are at their best as the end of summer approaches ........

Aug 28 - Purple Beans and Yellow Tomatoes

The last weekend in August - and the beans and tomatoes are producing ........

Weather has been amazing and the warmth is just what we needed to give the tomatoes their final boost toward ripening

Monday, September 12, 2011

August 21 - First Ripe Tomatoes! and More

First Ripe Tomatoes - Sungold!!

Dahlias continue to provide colour - look at this split colour

The bean teepee is taking off, the late sown veggies (turnips and Asian greens) are sprouting and the garden is looking good in its summer spender