Sunday, August 14, 2011

More to Harvest More to Sow - August 14

Another Sunday at the SPEC Cambie Garden - rather disheartened that five of our spaghetti squash have disappeared - but we did manage a rather fine harvest of potatoes

We are also trying out some seed tape - no need for thinning - hopefully we will have some lovely Little Finger carrots by mid-October

Dahlias are looking lovely and we have baby beans on our purple pole beans

More radish (China Rose) and Chinese Greens (Tah Tsai) were also seeded in hope of a bountiful fall/winter harvest

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Harvest at Kitsilano School Garden

Yesterday morning we had a bountiful harvest of garlic at the Kitsilano Secondary garden. Twenty kids from Kicks for Kids Daycamp (ages 6 and 7) came by to pull up the pungent bulbs. There was a brief demonstration on garlic braiding and we discussed the importance of storing our summer crops for use throughout the year. In a couple of weeks when the garlic has cured the kids will bring their own bulbs home for planting, cooking, and amateur vampire hunting.

After the harvest, we reseeded the beds with some hardy vegetables. The kids chose turnips and spinach from the seeds provided. We then watered the garden and spent a bit of time looking at insects.

It's truly inspiring to spend time in the garden with such animated and inquisitive children. Many of whom were excited about the idea of planting their garlic bulbs and watching them grow over the fall, winter, and spring. Thanks again to Kicks for Kids for all your enthusiasm. Hope to see you all gardening again soon!