Monday, July 19, 2010

July 18@ Cambie Square Garden

The corn was even taller this week the cobs are starting to form and the beautiful corn silk is showing. Lettuce is still going strong but with the heat and wind the peas did not fare so well this week. There was also a lot of nibbles on the beets; we are assuming from a rat. We harvested many radish pod for both eating and seed saving for next year. The garlic was also ready, we harvested ½; some will be eaten and some saved to plant this fall.

July 4th @ Cambie Square Garden

Everything is growing well at Cambie Square garden the corn was over 2 feet tall and the tomatoes had many flowers. The lettuce and peas are plentiful with even a few beets and very colourful dragon carrots. The radishes have also started going to seed, we picked a few because they taste so good on salads.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer is finally here and we'll have corn soon

The sun is finally shining in July and the corn is huge, the beets are delicious, and the sunflowers are blooming next to the new garden sign. Soon we'll have lots of tomatoes and squash too as we've got lots of flowers now.

We've found that the tomatoes shaded by trees have done better than those in full sun and that radish seed pods taste delicious. We've also found that beans and corn grow really well together, the climbing beans just grow right up the corn as it gets taller, they were made for each other!