Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28th Cambie Planting Day

Jodi and Tina bringing trellises and signs

Mandy and Vicky assessing

The brussel Sprouts and doing just fine


New signs! Thanks Jodi!

Planting potatoes - yukon golds (an early variety)

New raspberry plants

- marnie

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Update

Hello! Here's what's new:

School Gardens Project

Spring is in full swing! Our new school gardens are ready for planting and Catriona and I are busy helping these schools embark on their new adventure while continuing to support our school gardens from last year.

I had a lovely time this morning in a Kindergarten/grade 1 classroom at l'Ecole Bilingue facilitating a soils and compost lesson with Mandy, a dedicated volunteer. We looked at rocks, algae, sand, bark and other soil components and then set up an in-class worm composter. Pictures on their way soon!

Cambie Communal Garden

We're bringing more soil over this Friday and planting our cool weather crops this Sunday March 18th at 11am. Come join us for this planting work party and see all our new additions to the garden. Here's a picture of our new Mason Bee home!

Rooftop Demonstration Garden

We will be doing some work and planting of the roof containers this Friday at 10:30am. Join us at SPEC to lend a hand. Some planting was done on March 15th by students of the neighbouring Fraser Academy. Potatoes, oriental greens, broad beans and radishes amoung others should be sprouting out of our rooftop containers before long.


We held an intro to organic container gardening workshop on March 20th at SPEC. Our next workshop is entitled Bees, Birds and Biodiversity and will be held April 17th from 2-4pm at SPEC. Cost is $10 per participant. Register here


Check out this link and send an important email by March 29th to protect our seeds!

- marnie