Tuesday, December 4, 2007

trellis at Cambie

Hi, all--

Checking the City's guidelines for community gardens, it seems we do need approval for any 'structures' in the garden. Just a flag; we'll have to do a drawing (I can do) and indicate where on the site we plan to put it. At the same time, we could try to address the water issue on paper and perhaps we'll get an answer.

I see the trellis going toward the left of centre, near the back wall as Vicky described, because I have the sense that this is where we'll get the most sun. Those of you who've spent more time there may have a better idea--let me know.

As to size: I had suggested 4 x 8 to minimize the wood cutting, but when drawn out, that looks awful. Applying proper architectural design principles, it seems it would be better to go with one of the following options:

1) 7' high x 4.2' wide x 2.3' deep (so that the 4.2 opening is parallel with the front edge of the garden;

2) 7' high x 11' wide x 4.2' deep (again, widest side to the garden edge)

From a safety viewpoint, we need to make sure that the wee tots can't climb on it, so I'm suggesting that we train the plants up the sides on light wire or jute string, rather than lattice.

From an aesthetic and demonstration value viewpoint, it can be constructed with its lateral supports extending a bit beyond the structure at either side, to accommodate hanging gardens, if we can figure out a watering system that will keep them alive. This may be where the 'deck watering kit' could come in handy!

And finally, if we're going to build one, why not do two and put one on the roof garden as well? It would help define a 'small space' for our 'small space gardening' theme, and give us a little shade on, say, the west side? Contingent, of course, on our getting funding to extend the roof deck to the west.

Comments? Other ideas?